Here at Distant Lands, we are united by our love of the finest craft drinks known to humanity. However, what also binds us, is our commitment to finding strength in our differences and combined experiences.  Everyone has a voice, and we pride ourselves on listening and learning from one another.

This makes us a business governed by progressive and relevant thinking, good old fashioned teamwork and comradery. 

We have several pillars of responsibility to Distant Lands employees and the Drinks industry alike:

Social Equity: A commitment to complete racial and gender diversity, inclusion and mental wellbeing, and freedom from bias or favouritism within the workplace.

Management & Leadership: We listen to our employees through regular reviews and are responsive to their feedback and input. We take initiative and share responsibility for exemplifying excellence and actively encourage and support career progression.  

Employee Openness: A drive to embrace freedom of ideas, innovation and expression from our employees – we want them to be as creatively invested in the business as we are.

Industry Integrity: Transparency is key. We always conduct ourselves with honesty, dedication and fairness with our business partners and suppliers.

Respect Each Other: It is imperative that we value our differences, the environment, and our individual and collective contributions to the business and industry at large.  

Accountability: We regularly audit ourselves via this Charter to maintain standards and adapt to future learnings.