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À Tue-Tête!

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Incredible blending project from the Swiss Alps, focusing on small batch mixed ferm beers.

À tue-tête is a craft brewery focusing on mixed fermentation beers aged in oak barrels.
Founded in 2017 by Julian Bretheau, ‘À tue-tête is a french expression meaning something like ‘at the top of your lungs’. ‘We like our beers to display bold flavours, and a bright acidity! If they could talk, they’d shout!‘.

Highly regarded around the world, ATT are somewhat the brewers, brewery of choice. And it’s easy to see why. By utilising their base beer in either its native form and ageing or by blending with locally sourced fruit, they create beers that are bold, nuanced and full of woody funk. Producing only around 200Hl a year it’s also a very limited supply from Julien and his elegant sours.

Headed by their flagship beer ‘Surette’ (‘sour’), which is an annual vintage release combined of one and two year old barrels, ATT also produce fruited iterations, where local fruit is added into the mix to create a range of fresh and vibrant beers that shout about their provenance.

Grapes and grape lees are also used in a bid to create a similar effect to that of Ammonite across the border in France. Whereby the lines between brewing and winemaking are blurred and rules are eschewed in pursuit of the ultimate flavour combinations.

The Solera system, oak foeders and even an 1200 litre capacity clay amphora are also used in this authentic process of brewing which produce some of the most exciting beer to emerge from the Swiss Alps. Keep an eye out for our next imports from this small but perfectly formed operation.

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