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This is Alvinne. A sour experience like no other – Flemish sour styles with lots of foraged fruits.

We asked Alvinne why people should buy their beers ‘…Why choose an Alvinne beer? World class that’s why!’ Alvinne makes world class sour beer and are pretty up front about that fact. Meaning it was pretty important for us to get these Belgian beer imports on our roster.  

Established in 2003 they have been making a quiet fuss in the world of yeast cultivation and barrel ageing, all with the aim of creating quality and consistency.  Alvinne beers are also unique thanks to their ‘house’ Morpheus yeast . All their sour beers are brewed with this unique wild yeast, the culmination of years of development. The yeast largely determines the taste of the beer and therefore our individuality, authenticity. Call it the Alvinne touch!

Other reasons? Pure and rare! Their sour fruit beers only contain real fruit. NO syrups or concentrates. Some beers contain rare, unique berries that you may never have tasted in beer…That’s why some brews are limited and many fruit beers are seasonal, it’s up to you to discover which are available.

No one has time, right? In a world where everything has to go fast, they still prefer to give their beers the necessary time to develop their beautiful aromas and barrel aged character. Their old foeders and the carefully selected wine barrels in the brewery play a crucial role in this. So there you go, several reasons as to why you should buy Alvinne!

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