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Arpus are another of our Baltic State breweries from Latvia, producing incredible beer from Riga.

Another key craft beer import for us, their style is concentrated on consistency and freedom of expression. Understated by their peers comparisons and a real steadfast brewery.

Ārpus /ˈɑ:(r)pʊs/ – outside, out of, beyond, off limits.

Ārpus Brewing Co. is an independent microbrewery, founded in 2017 by craft beer geeks from Latvia. They brew what they are passionate about – juicy hop forward ales, fruity sour beers and bold imperial stouts. Recently Ārpus Brewing Co. was voted as the #1 brewery in the Baltic States on Untapped – no mean feat given the regions growing reputation.

The meaning of the Latvian word Ārpus reflects the types of beers they brew – outside the box and beyond the scope of mass made lagers. Beers with overwhelming flavours and aromas for people brave enough to step out of their comfort zone.

The brewery is located just outside Riga, equipped with a 10hL brewhouse and 20hL fermentation vessels. Collaborators with Arpus have included Northern Monk, Neon Raptor, Fuerst Wiacek, Blech Brut, Atelier der Braukünste, Sori, Pühaste, Dieta, Zagovor, AF Brew, Folkingebrew, Stu Mostow, SOMA, Basqueland amongst others.

We’ve been mightily impressed with their output so far – full flavoursome beers that pack body and flavour in equal measure. Look out for them on our lists.

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