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Modern life brews and attitude via our Romanian friends. Founded in 2016.

Based in the Western Romania in Timis County, Bereta are committed to brewing small batches of modern, seasonal craft beer. Hop driven. Fruit forward. Big flavours. 

From humble beginnings as homebrewers in 2014 to contract brewing from 2016, Bereta finally opened their own space in 2018. 

However it was a long journey to get to that point, with over a hundred test recipes brewed and consumed in the garage of co-owners Sorin (Co-Owner, Art) and Bogdan (Co-Owner, Brand). Once they were both convinced that it was a potential commercial concern, they became the first Romanian contract brewers, using the facilities of friends Ground Zero, Hop Hooligan and Wicked Barrel to kick off their story. 

Synonymous with hop forward beers – even though they experiment in other styles, Bereta were the first in Romania to kick start the haze craze with ‘Juice Bag’ and latterly ‘Citro’ winning plaudits and awards in 2016 and 2017 for their excursions into dank, hop forward NEIPA’s. 

Since finding their own space in 2018 Bereta has developed by continuing to grow the craft scene in Romania. From supporting home brewers via their Bereta Brewing Community program, which gets home brewers brewing on their commercial kit, to organising festivals like Haze Fest alongside old friends Hop Hooligans. Check out their FB too for liberal and free brewing advice, recipes and further info behind the beer that they brew.

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