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Brasserie de Blaugies

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Family run traditional brewery in South West Belgium. Established since 1988. Impeccable Saisons and sours.

Brasserie De Blaugies are based in Southwest Belgium in the picturesque Hainaut region.  A small, traditional, family owned brewery, Brasserie de Blaugies began crafting traditional artisinal Belgian beer back in 1988. 

Keeping a small but perfectly formed range of only several beers, the styles focus very much on local influence and ingredients with a strong historical nod to the stories behind them. 

To say it’s a family affair is no understatement with all members of the family involved in the hospitality side of the business as well as the brewing side. Here’s the current family members behind this truly artisanal countryside  brewery. 

Started by parents Pierre-Alex and Marie-Noëlle Carlier-Pourtois, they christened the brewhouse on  the 24th March 1988. Their eldest son Kévin Carlier who graduated in Biotechnology now co-runs the brewery alongside his parents, his wife Bérangėre and his father in law Claude. 

Running Le Fourquet restaurant which is opposite Brasserie De Blaugies is his youngest son Cedric and his wife Stéphanie, whilst waiting in the wings are two daughters and three sons who no doubt will follow in this proud family tradition.  

All of their beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised to ensure their authenticity and pay homage to the farmhouse ales of the past.

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