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Brouwerij de Glazen Toren

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Brewing tasty natural beer in a modern installation in a traditional way. The Belgian way.

Brewery De Glazen Toren was founded in 2002, by two Brew Masters graduated at CTL, Ghent. Jef Van den Steen, renowned beer author, and his “companion de route” since 1988, Dirk De Pauw.

The brewery immediately put itself on the (international) map with a number of its own beers that embraced the Belgian tradition, but felt like they could add a sense of modernity to proceedings. This blend of past and present has made De Glazen Toren a revered and much sought after brewery within the world of modern sour beer. 

The beers are brewed in a modern 25 Hl installation in Erpe-Mere. Due to an insatiable demand and the lack of space on the current site, the brewery was forced to look for an additional location to expand. This was found in the industrial zone AALST ZUID III in between Ghent and Brussels,  where a  spacious production hall was purchased. It was completely renovated and equipped for the further expansion of the brewery. At this site 6 cooled cylindroconical fermentation tanks of 37 Hl / each were installed, alongside a new Italian-German filling line, and an ultra-modern refermentation chamber.

Beers to investigate on our lists include ‘Saison d’Erpe-Mere’ – An iconic saison brewed according to the old tradition of Hainaut Province, Belgium and Jan de Licht’ – a proper Belgian Wheat bier, full bodied yet refreshing, with notes of grapefruit and coriander. 

It’s a perfect expression of local tradition where the unique provenance plays so much importance in the brewing of these delicately balanced beers.
It’s been a regular mainstay with us here at Distant Lands and we are proud to import and wholesale this special brewery into the UK.

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