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Brouwerij t’Verzet

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Three is the magic number. Taking the tradition of Oud Bruin to task, a progressive young trio are preserving and reinvigorating this historic style from Flanders. 

Verzet – which translates as ‘Resistance’, have taken influence from one of their regions most famous exports, Rodenbach and refused to allow this  regional style to be confined to an ageing demographic. 

Having all met or worked at various Belgium breweries like the legendary contract brewery De Proef and Omer Vander Ghintse, the three guys Koen, Alex and Jens set about in the early days contract brewing and using De Ranke as their production facility. Fast forward and the trio now have their own facility producing various versions of Oud Bruin with their distinct twist of modernity on it. All served with a sense of humour, and the determination to keep pushing the style forward and exposing it to seasoned and new drinkers alike.

Known for their long boil techniques, up to 16 hours in fact, Verzet are looking for maximum caramelization that hallmarks their beer. We carry several skus from Verzet – try their Classic Flanders Oud Bruin, or the iterations of this hearty style, including cherry, raspberry and even an oak leaf aged version. Verzet represent the perfect counterpoint to some of our more traditional sours and lambic producers, by literally blending the old with the new.

We’re proud to have them on our import roster as they also exemplify how a brewery can also be known for its uniqueness. And the ability to master the art of a particular style, within the often blurred boundaries of contemporary brewing.

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