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Chad Beer

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Smooth, well balanced IPA’s coming out of Malmö, Sweden. Part of the Molecule collective.

Chad Paton could be said to be the glue between the three breweries that make up the Molecule Collective (Nerd, Elmeleven & Chad) with his own pale focused Chad Beer completing this holy trinity of Swedish based brewers. 

Their ‘Specimen’ IPA series has played out to plan so far with new world hops dancing with the classics in this small but perfectly executed series.
Look out for further new brews from them soon… 

Given that Chad makes some incredible pale ales and iterations thereof, it’s surprising that this doesn’t take centre stage in the Molecule stable, in a world dominated by hop forward beers. But that’s the point. It’s about joining forces in designated styles and attempting to entice more people into their world of balance and flavour. All whilst working as a shared unit without one brand overpowering the other.

Three breweries, three styles, one roof. The beer world’s very own Three Musketeers.

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