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De Kromme Haring

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De Kromme Haring produce a mix of clean and Mixed Ferm beers, both with exceptional quality.

The only thing we fear is shitty beer

A pretty simple raison d’etre from De Kromme Haring, the infamous bike mad brewpub based in Utrect, Holland. Also known as the people behind the revered Carnival Brettanomyces festival, the brewpub is run by the combined forces of brewmaster Stephen Grigg and beer-afficionado and hospitality expert Gijs van Wiechen.

Gijs van Wiechen came to Utrecht as a student. After graduating in 2008 he re-schooled himself in the burgeoning dutch beer scene. First as a bartender, later as a manager at the infamous specialty beer-cafe Kafe Belgie. By managing a unique bar like Kafe Belgie he immersed himself in the Dutch gastronomical scene. His specialty is introducing people to new flavours, convincing them of quality product and making them feel at home. The perfect host! 

Brewmaster Stephen Grigg, a researcher with a PhD in biology, has been brewing since 1992. First in the USA, then later in the UK. After rooting in the Netherlands he became an appreciated guest at (home)brewers festivals like Kimchi Farm Festival and Carnivale Brettanomyces.

His beers build on English and American traditions, with a love for English malts and American Hops. If anything characterises Stephen’s beers, it is the carefully controlled and meticulously monitored fermentation. He specialises in using less common and wild yeasts to unlock experimental flavours, that take the drinker comfortably and slightly to the left. Unlocking these flavours and making them accessible to all drinkers is where his specialty lies.

It’s this unique combination of two owners who appreciate both sides of the business that appeals to us – the flavours developed in their beers represent a constant twist on the ‘norm’ too, with aromatics and taste profiles full zippy crispness and floral overtones.

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