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Domaine du Jas

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Truly majestic biodynamic wines from the Southern Rhone. Family owned since 1874, blockbuster wines, that retain grace & balance.

A family estate since 1874, the Pradelles have been making wine on their land for several generations. These independent winegrowers cultivate and harvest the grape variety needed to make their wines.

The estate has been in the same family since 1874. It was in 1978 that Raphaël Pradelle vinified his own wine for the first time. Soon his sons joined him and Hubert Pradelle began working alongside him as winegrower. Like his father before him, he takes care of his vines according to the precepts of organic farming and harvests everything by hand.

Indeed respect for nature and passion for wine are the two fundamental principles of his work. So he opted for AB (Organic Agriculture) certification in 2001. Today, the Domaine du Jas is still worked by the family lineage, with Hubert working with his wife Anne-Marie and their eldest son Pierre.

In turn, Pierre Pradelle brings his own sensitivity to vines and wine by opening up to Biodynamics. This new approach is based on ‘the enhancement of the soil and the plant in its natural environment thanks to preparations from plant, animal and mineral materials applied at specific times‘.

Put simply, this translates into home-made preparations (nettle manure, silica, etc.) and compliance with the biodynamic calendar for carrying out the main work in the vineyard and the wine. This approach is one more step towards respecting the consumer and the environment.

Their winery and 38 hectares of organic vineyards are located at Suze-la-Rousse in the centre of the Southern Rhône wine producing area. This area is renowned for its numerous chateaux, including the spectacular 12th Century Chateau de Suze-la-Rousse, (which also houses a University of Wine,) and Chateau Grignan.

Organic wine production throughout the world has been increasing, but still represents a small proportion of total production. In the Rhône valley, wine certified as organic accounted for just 8% of total production in 2019. Domaine du Jas is amongst this group of organic producers.

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