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Buy Elmeleven Beer from Distant Lands

Thick, unctuous fruited sours from Sweden. Part of the Molecule Collective.

Elmeleven represent the world of fruited sours for the Molecule brewing collective. With their founder Anders Kvist, similar to Hannes at Nerdbrewing, another skilled exponent of a vibrant Swedish home brewing scene. 

Like Vault City, Elmeleven have a progressive modern take on fruited sour beers, with a no-holds barred approach to real fruited adjuncts in the mix. Eschewing the use of Lactose however and relying on a big ol’ oat bill to get the most rewarding mouthfeel is where the guys are at. Making these beers authentically at the expense of well, expense.
But then that’s the pay off right? Quality ingredients for a quality result.

Be that a tropical fruit explosion or a dark berried beer that is as dense as the forest from which the fruit came from.  However that isn’t at the expense of balance, with their beers providing the perfect expression of drinkability, vibrancy and fun and in doing so winning an army of new fans and advocates along the way. If you haven’t tried these beers yet then get in touch…you have to try these.

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