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Fruited Sours and Hazy IPA’s from Niclas & Anna

Fermenterarna is a small independent, bespoke brewery located in the centre of Gothenburg, on the river Göta älv.

Brewing generously fruited sour beers and hazy IPA’s, this small but perfectly formed operation began to brew commercially back in 2017

Made up of just two passionate individuals Anna and and Niclas, this dynamic duo have carved a credible name for themselves amidst not only a healthy domestic scene but on the international stage too, with their well balanced and proportioned beers hitting the right notes of freshness and sessionability. 

Anna has a background in the restaurant industry and has for a long time been interested in all types of Fermentation. A passion for sourdough bread, tempeh and fermented vegetables made the step into the beer world feel like a given way to go. Especially when she opened her eyes to sour beer. This was also the introduction to the name ’Fermenterarna’, which means ’The fermenting people’.

Anna does everything that can be imagined to be done in a brewery, but is most passionate about can designs.

As for Niclas – well they say the best accidents are the happiest ones. Back in 2015 Niclas accidentally ordered a sour beer at the pub. At that point his interest in sour beer was piqued.

In the brewery Niclas calls himself the production master and has a great passion for brewing beer that he also wants to drink himself. Which is pretty helpful. Say hello to the ‘The Fermenting People’.

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