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Fin Cider

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Producers of funky cider from the Yarra Valley. Bio-diverse, natural fermentations.

Fin Cider are from Yarra Valley, Australia. They produce young, fresh and most importantly fun drinks with an emphasis on drinkability. Production and farming is just how we like it, a very hands-off, organic method, with minimal additions, no filtering, spontaneous fermentation, and minimal faffing.

As part of the Fin winery the cider wing adopts exactly the same principles from this South Wales based producer, paying utmost respect to the land and its forbearers. The ciders are expressed in both traditional and progressive forms, where simplicity and quick fermentation is key and locality of ingredient vital to the process. No added sugar or acid. Minimal heartburn. Maximum enjoyment.

Yering Farm Orchard is farmed by the John’s Family (Oliver’s Family, one of the co-founders).
So yeah this orchard is pretty close to the heart. Five generations of orchardists in fact.

Located on the floodplains of the Yarra floor, Fin harvest 70 acres of table varieties such as Pink Lady, Sundowner, Fuji and Red Delicious planted on rich clay loam soil. The orchard floor is maintained by grazing sheep and trees get strictly organic sprays.

The apples and pears are meticulously handpicked, whilst the black spot that occurs on the fruit develops thicker skins on the fruit, giving the finished cider more tannin. Fin also allow the fruit to rest after being milled to develop texture and depth of flavour, as well as helping to kick off a wild ferment. After pressing the fruit the juice is transported up to the Fin winery, Highbow Hill Vineyard, to finish fermentation.

Highbow Hill Vineyard in Dixons Creek is the star of the show in the view from Fin’s cellar door. Follow your gaze down across the vineyard and you will be greeted by the mighty Highbow Hill, the remains of an ancient volcano. It is in Melbourne’s “green wedge” zone and is protected by local and state laws as an area of outstanding natural beauty with important environmental value.

We’re proud to exclusively import and wholesale the fabulous Fin Wines and Cider in the UK, and we think you’ll be mightily impressed by this young funky, enthusiastic outfit from down under.

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