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Fin Wines

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Young fresh wines from Australia with a focus on drinkability.

Super low intervention park wines & ciders from the amazing Fermentation Collective that is Fin Wines. Grapes and apples sourced from 3 sustainably farmed vineyards and one orchards right next to them in the Yarra Valley.

Fin Wines, a fermentation collective, launched in January 2020 with a range of wines, ciders and piquettes. They produce young, fresh and most importantly fun drinks with an emphasis on drinkability.

They are doing this a very lo-fi way in terms of minimal additions, no filtering, spontaneous fermentation, with minimal faffing in the winery. We let the grapes do the talking. Everything is wild fermented.

Fin Wines consists of JonJo McEvoy, Oliver Johns, and Angus Hean. Fin was organically conceived, born of their love for tasty wines and ciders. Fin Wines are situated in Dixons Creek, Yarra Valley, Wurundjeri Country. ‘We are blessed to be custodians of 10 acres which we aim to farm in the most sustainable way possible, preserving soils for future generations and preserving biodiversity.

The vineyard was planted in the early 90’s on its own rootstock, on grey-red sandy loam over clay. The vineyard is mostly on a south facing slope, with a small area at the southern end of the vineyard, on a gentle north facing slope. There are also cooling effects from nearby hills.

All the hard work happens in the vineyard. We source high quality fruit, using varieties that is suited to the climate they are growing in. This allows us to pick with a good balance of flavour and acidity. We tend to pick fruit lean with plenty of acid but without compromising flavour. This makes the wines more stable, age-worthy and most importantly delicious.

Everything we do in the winemaking is with a light touch and minimal processes. We work fruit very lightly, or not at all, as well as bottling young and fresh, to preserve vibrancy and aromatics. Our wines are not to be taken seriously but with joy and frivolity. Our wines are best served with mates <3

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