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Fuerst Wiacek

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Sublime, juicy, hop-forward IPAs, Pilsners and beyond. Modern beer from Berlin.

Based in Berlin since 2016, we define ourselves as an adventurous company, in which we enjoy to experiment and learn about different ingredients and processes to brew great tasty beers.

Georg Fuerst and Lukasz Wiacek burst into the Berlin craft beer scene in 2016 when they brewed Germany’s first New England IPA.

When home brewing we quickly got into hazy IPAs. They were not available in Europe back then, so we brewed tons of hazy IPAs at home trying many different yeasts strains, grain bills, water profiles, fermentation temperatures, hop combinations and hopping techniques. We adapted our brewing methods to those of bigger breweries. We did not think about having a trademark. We just brewed what we loved to drink and knew how to make it

The opening of their new brewing facility in Berlin Siemensstadt in 2021 provided the pair with more opportunities for experimentation and innovation; those who feel variety is the spice of life can expect to see more sour beers, stouts and forays into many other styles. All this while continuing to deliver the consistently sublime, juicy, hop-forward IPAs beer lovers have come to expect from Fuerst Wiacek.

They are driven by a constant need to learn and refine their brewing processes and have done so in part by collaborating with several of the world‘s most respected craft beer breweries including the likes of Verdant, Gamma, KCBC, Barrier and To Øl. 

Their Finback (NY) collaboration is now up to it’s 7th iteration, showing the respect that Fuerst Wiacek has gained through their explorations into the world of IPA’s.

It’s not just about the pales though – the brewery team has also produced a sublime all year round beer, ‘Landbier’. A straight forward pilsner that has used the best possible ingredients to produce a sessionable pilsner that has body, character and oodles of flavour. Without being too overbearing, or conversely tasteless and lacking the necessary crispness and bite. It’s proved to be quite the hit on these shores, as we find the trade looking for consistent session brews that are dependable, approachable and consistent. If you’re looking for your next best lager then you’ve just found it.

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