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Cellers Grifoll Declara

Buy Cellers Grifoll Declara Wine from Distant Lands

High altitude, super old vines based in Priorat & Mountain Wines DOQ’s.

Based in the small mountain region of Priorat & tiny DOQ Mountain Wines, these are hand made wines, using organic farming from their own vineyards, and very, very old vines, some over 100 years old.

The Grifoll Declara winery is located in El Molar, a town in the Priorat region (Tarragona, Spain). Now in its fifth generation, the winery has been in the family‚Äôs hands since 1880. However, historic documents prove that the terroirs have already been cultivated since 1736 and generation after generation, the Grifoll family was recorded as the winegrowers. Today, they produce red and white wines from their terroir in the most sustainable way. 

Based on a three-pillar approach, their objectives are: the development of organic, healthy and ecological products, the protection of the environment, and the economic, social and cultural development of our community. 

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