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Polands best Pastry Sours, Stouts, and heavenly IPA’s

Started back in 2019, Maltgarden are a relatively new brewery to the craft scene, but in their short history have made waves world wide with their no holds barred approach to brewing. Specializing in DDH pales and Imperial Stouts their beers take no prisoners when it comes to full flavoured beers for the people.

Started by respected home brewer Andrzej Miler, Maltgarden have wasted no time in responding to the drinking needs of the Polish domiciles, citing IPA’s and Impy Stouts as the go to beers for his immediate audience.

Taking a humble approach, the brewery has the utmost respect for their other peers around the world and cites Monkish as their reference point, when it comes to making supremely consistent IPA’s and pales.

Maltgardens beers are also hallmarked by their eye catching design, that uses oils to create their abstract art inspired cans.

They certainly create a pop on the shelf and although each can design is different there is a definite uniformity to the overall aesthetic, when they are all racked together on the shelves or in the fridges. One of our favourite can designs here at Distant Lands that really makes a statement.

The brewery also do a line of specials outside of the can range that sees them utilise 500ml bottles for their ‘I’m A Barista’ series – six Imperial Stouts that partner with some of the best coffee producers in the world for a match made in heaven. They also brew their Impy Stout Gate series which has been an important and successful range for us here at Distant Lands. The unctuous No.4 iteration in the series using Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels proving to be some what the hit with our UK audience.

We love importing this brewery to the UK – if you’d like more info about them or want to get straight to the point and order some beer, then just head here to drop us a line…

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