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Meierer Weingut

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German winery producing incredible Rieslings from the Mosel region.

Superb quality Mosel Riesling honed to perfection, and the guys behind Mikkeller’s wine brands, Wine Geek Riesling etc. Perfect balance between lush fruit, and piecing acidity, that makes Mosel Riesling so drinkable. Innovation is key, with beer hop additions, natural wine making all sitting alongside traditional methods.

The Meierer Philosophy:

In our opinion, you have to live viticulture in order to be able to make good wine. For us, that means being directly involved in the entire production process, from cutting in the freezing cold, to working on the leaves in the summer heat, to making the wine in the cellar. Only when you practice all the steps yourself do you leave a clear and individual signature with your wines. And that is what matters most to us – individuality – a winery wine should have its own character, be unique.

In order to achieve this goal, we rely on the utmost care and work intensity in the care of our vineyards right from the start, in order to then treat the grapes and the wine as gently as possible in the cellar. Because to put it with the often quoted sentence: “Quality is produced in the vineyard, in the cellar it only has to be preserved‘.

The first and probably most decisive factors are the location and the soil of the vineyard. Contrary to the trend, we have been focusing on the preservation of the steep slopes for years. Every year we try to buy one or two vineyards in the steep slopes, and we don’t shy away from fallow plots (vineyards that have not been cultivated for several years) and cultivate them again.

Why all this trouble? So that it also tastes like Moselle!!! After all, you should be able to taste where a wine comes from. Hardly any microclimate is as unique as the Moselle with the interplay of steep slopes, slate and Riesling. Meierer have made it their mission to preserve this.

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