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Mikropolis Cocktails

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With a mix of sheer passion and modern brewing techniques, Mikropolis brew long drinks and sophisticated cocktails, in both keg and can format.

Mikropolis Cocktails have been a part of our Distant Lands wholesale business from the very beginning. They are a brand and product that we are proud to import into the UK, and represents for us the best ready-to-drink cocktails in Europe. Produced by To Øl in Denmark for over 4 years, their Mikropolis cocktails have been refined, and brought as close to being perfect as possible. They are a regular resident at Roskilde festival – Denmarks version of Glastonbury – and have built a loyal army of fans in Denmark and around the world.

It all started with 20L Key Kegs at BRUS in the centre of Copenhagen, however now after moving to To Øl City in Svinninge, production has increased and permanent 25cl Cans are now available in the UK.

We have several all year round sku’s that tick the boxes of being well balanced, flavour forward, highly consumable drinks.

With the Gin & Tonic, Rhubarb Crush, Grapefruit Spritzer, Bermuda (Dark ‘n’ Stormy), and Nordic Cosmo all clocking in at a sensible 6.5%, they keep the ABV, without losing the taste profile and show how versatile these drinks can be. Cans that are perfectly portable for your picnic, or just the right size for those low on shelving space. Or the kegged version for those looking for a speedy, consistent house serve and to minimize wastage. We have tried many RTD’s on the market from the big guys to other indies, and we have to honestly say that these are some the best out there.

Consistency is key with Mikropolis and with the To Øl City resources at their disposal you can guarantee that every can tastes as good as the last. Available in both keg and packaged formats and on our lists now.

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