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Molecule Collective

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Molecule Collective are comprised of Nerdbrewing, Elmeleven, and Chad Beer. Making Imperial Stouts, Fruited Sours and IPA’S.

Run by Chad, Hannes and Anders, Molecule are based in Malmö, Southern Sweden.

Molecule is the overarching umbrella brand and site for three standalone breweries that sit under it. Chad Beer, Elemeleven and Nerd. Taking a democratic standpoint, the breweries all work together on the collective and shared principle. In a bid to pool their knowledge and resources to reach new audiences. It’s this combined approach that lets them discover innovation in each others brewing techniques and allows for a team effort when each beer is produced and marketed. 

Get to know Molecule either collectively or individually. Check out our lists for the beer or contact us for more info on this talented trio of brewers.

Buy Molecule Collective Beer from Distant Lands