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Odyssey Brew Co.

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On the Welsh Boarder, Alison and Mitch make some great hop forward beers.

Odyssey is a small family run brewery established in the rural surrounds of a National Trust estate in Herefordshire in 2014.  They brew in a building that is at least 400 years old but the beers are anything but aged, embracing a modern and forward looking attitude to brewing beer. 

Because of their size Odyssey are proud to be independent and are committed to staying that way, focusing primarily on only two styles of beer – hop forward (of any colour) and big, indulgent stouts, with the occasional Barley Wine thrown in for good measure.  Their hoppy beers are unfined and hazy retaining a gentle bitterness, whilst being some of the most consistently drinkable pales in the market. East Coast brews with a West Coast vibe.

We really respect the ethos of Odyssey – making amazingly good beer and rivalling some of their bigger contemporaries in terms of style, consistency and flavour. All of their beer is produced for keg or can – check them out!

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