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Pomona Island

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Consistent and quality craft beers across the spectrum from Salford, UK.

When it comes to UK beer wholesale we have always kept a tight roster. Based on quality and dependability and working with brands whom we have a good rapport and relationship with. 

Pomona Island produce a range – a wide range in fact of highly drinkable beers, that combined with their minimalist design, catch the eye every time on the shelf. Their down to earth philosophy shines through and from humble beginnings, they have developed a loyal fanbase not only in Greater Manchester but throughout the UK and beyond. Unafraid to experiment with a diverse and constantly evolving line up, we’re confident you’ll find a Pomona that suits you and your drinkers.

We started this brewery in a very DIY fashion in late 2017. We had an idea to make good beer, but we had no money and we really hadn’t thought it through more than that. We kicked off with a pretty awful kit and two shoddy fermentors, so we set to work cutting, shutting and brewing the best we could. 

Since then, we’ve poured everything back into the brewery. Blood, sweat, tears and any money we made, but we’ve got some decent equipment to tangle with now (although that’s ideally the first thing you’d need!) Somehow, we managed to make some alright beer from day one. We probably wouldn’t fancy it now, but we gradually improved what we had, and as the kit was upgraded, we worked and we learned.

As we’ve developed the brewery we’ve developed our style, focusing on one type of beer at a time and trying to make the best version of it possible.

Our Pales, IPAs and DIPAs are New England(ish), with sweetness up top but enough bitterness at the back to keep you coming back for more.

Our West Coasts have the really classic flavour profile with a few modern twists.

We use a mix of techniques to get incredibly clean sours, with a really vibrant stone fruit and tropical character that lends itself just as well to Sour IPAs as it does to big fruited Goses.
And our Stouts are super playful, from daft but delicious pastry nonsense to robust, complex export stouts.

And we’ve started lagering too, focusing on German inspired styles.. clean, crisp and refreshing. We reserve the right to try more things in the future, we’re always looking to learn and we’re properly dedicated to improving every brew. No standing still.

Check out the full range of Pomona on our UK beer lists. We carry keg, package and the very occasional cask from these madcap Mancunians. Drop us a line for more info.

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