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Prizm Brewing Co.

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Prizm Brewing Co.a young brewery based in Montpellier, France. Brewing hop forward ephemeral beers.

PRIZM BREWING CO, a young brewery based in Vendargues in the Montpellier conurbation, who opened in the midst of a pandemic in August 2020, are fast becoming one of the leading lights in the French craft brewing scene.

The brewery was born from the alliance between Gunther Oltra, the former brewer of the Popihn brewery, another highly thought of French micro brewery, Julien Du Tremblay, manager of Gurubeer, one of the largest distribution companies craft beers in France and Momar Diop, former project manager at Wonderful.

At Prizm Brewing Co, we only make ephemeral brews, very often on hopped beers, because that’s what we love, know and want you to discover through our “prizm”. Like a science lab, we have fun testing the endless alliances and synergies of the different hops we use. Each hop having its unique aromatic and use for the style profile that we are trying to achieve. At Prizm Brewing Co, beer is king. We advocate quality first!

With a positive attitude to brewing as well as healthy sense of humour, the good folk at Prizm are making some knockout beers. Our first import from these guys didn’t hang around long – keep an eye on our mails and lists for the next shipment from this forward thinking French outfit, one of the first that we have bought from the territory into the UK.

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