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Finely tuned and full bodied Imperial Stouts from Tartu, Estonia.

Pühaste officially opened their brewery doors in 2016, but like many of our beer imports they grew from a vibrant home brewing scene. The new brewery marked the end of a five year journey and the beginning of a new commercial chapter for Eero, founder and head brewmaster.

The name of the brewery is a tribute to the birth place of their early brews – where test batches were brewed in Eero’s summer cottage in Pühaste village, Valga County, close to the Latvian border.

After receiving rave reviews from local beer aficionado friends and new contacts found further afield, Eero pursued the dream.

And lucky for us too here at Distant Lands, as the brewery has gone from strength to strength, and alongside Pohjala are heavily responsible for the current craft beer explosion in Estonia.

Known ostensibly for their darker beers including the phenomenal Barrel Aged Silver Series – Pühaste are producing arguably some of the best barrel-aged beers in Europe. The ratings site don’t lie either. With beers like ‘Dekadents’ or the three way collab ‘Trinity In Black’ with Zagovor and AF Brew tipping into the higher end of beer ratings. 

That doesn’t preclude them from other styles though as Sour Ale, Pale Ale, IPA, NEIPA, Amber Ale, and Pilsners are all brewed by the team. Locality is also key with with typical local ingredients like beet, buckwheat, potatoes, honey, spruce tips, raspberries or rhubarb. Their Estonian Wild Ales go even one step further: these beers are fermented Estonian yeasts and bacteria collected in nature by brewer Heiki Salm. 

If you’re a fan of Golden Age BA De Moelen or To Øl’s annual dark releases then Pühaste are a brewery for you to investigate. 

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