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Sleeping Village

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A varied range of Porters, Gose’s, Pilsners, IPA’s and Imperial Stouts from Oslo, Norway

Sleeping Village is a small Norwegian brewing and blending project headed up by Ingebjørg Nybø and Stephen Andrews. Head to their website and you’ll be greeted by a volcanic winter landscape – and just text info on their beers. No whistles, no bells, just a comprehensive list of what’s currently available and what is to be brewed. 

It’s a minimalistic approach. One that reflects the landscape, it’s soundtrack and brewery namesake from Black Sabbath setting the dark undertones perfectly. Have a peek at some of their ‘keg run’ videos on their socials – simply a dash cam capturing some of the most desolate landscapes as their precious cargo is transported from the brewery to bars.

By contrast there is nothing minimal about the range that the pair brew. A non-exhaustive list that see’s a constant rotation of styles –  The most recent rotation included dry hopped pale ales, German inspired Goses, Pilsners, IPA / DIPA’s Robust Porter’s and a Barleywine aged in Cognac and Bourbon barrels.

There is a precision aspect to Sleeping Village beers – expect a balanced and nuanced approach that contributes to consistent and flavoursome brews.

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