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Sori Brewing

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Serious beer for not so serious people. Estonian barrel-aged big beers.

Sori Brewing are located in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. The brewery was started by two Finns who moved away from their home country to escape government alcohol restrictions and to brew without compromises. Not far, but far enough to make it count. Together with an amazing team, these guys are dedicated to bringing you joy in the form of craft beer.

‘Everything in the equation of Sori starting a brewery seemed fine apart from one thing. We still lived in a Nordic country with old post-prohibition alcohol laws. In Finland, everyone has their focus in <4.7 % ABV beers since anything above that is sold either in a restaurant or a monopoly store. Hence staying in Finland as brewers would have been like being painters painting only with black and white. It would have been very hard to create a fast growing exporting brewery if we stayed. We did a years worth of pure planning and homework with our idea. We pushed the idea out of our comfort zone and there the fun began. We started a Finnish craft brewery in Estonia.’

Currently brewing around 3000 hl a year and running a barrel program with almost 200 barrels, Sori brews a wide range of beers, from barrel-aged big beers to refreshing sours and super hoppy IPA’s. It was also one of the first craft breweries in the world to crowd fund in order to raise investment. This was all done single handedly by the brewery and without the assistance of any crowdfunding platforms. They have now raised approx 1 million euros to date in this manner, to invest further into the brewery and its future. 

Being a bit unorthodox, they set the brewery on the third floor of an old Soviet-era factory complex. They are happy to share the goose pimple inducing stories should you visit – tales of post cold war cruise missiles and missing trains make for more interesting context in this young breweries life.  

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