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To Øl is a young Danish craft beer brewery founded in 2010. They brew a wide range of beers that mix the potent, provocative, fresh and floral; alongside hoppy, balanced and complex styles.

To Øl was formed back in 2005 when the founders, Tore Gynther and Tobias Emil Jensen, were young guns studying at high school in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. They pirated the school kitchen facilities during closing hours and began turning it into a brewing lab. Malts were mashed, hop leaves boiled, yeast fermented and bubbled within lab flasks. In short, the hunt for potent, quality beers had begun. As a result the first commercial To Øl beer was released in 2010. Soon after their beers were being exported far and wide, with fans loving the experimentation and boundary pushing nature of these expressive beers.

Many crazy things have happened since that first release, but even high-school sweethearts drift apart, and in the beginning of 2017 Tobias Emil Jensen stepped out of To Øl to work on other projects.

In 2019 To Øl stepped up the gears and took over a former food factory in the Western part of Zealand, Denmark. Where they set up a full-blown specially designed brewery and craft beverage hub affectionately titled ‘To Øl City’. 

To Øl City 

To Øl City is based within a disused industrial facility, its name being inspired by the massive 150,000 m2 footprint. A virtual city with 26,600 m2 buildings on it.

This allowed To Øl to bring all of their beer production home to Denmark, ending a long and fun era as gypsy brewers with De Proef in Belgium.

To Øl City is also a craft beverage hub. Amazing craft beverage producers, who were previously limited by space and resources, are now making a home in To Øl City. Working alongside them to raise the bar in their industries exponentially higher.

It is becoming a collective of the most talented craft beverage producers in Denmark, where you will also find Cider producers Æblerov, spirits & cocktails courtesy of Mikropolis, the To Øl Natur project and even Konbucha from Læsk – Like New York it’s a city that never sleeps…

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