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Trial & Ale

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Edmonton’s all sour and wild artisanal brewery. Creating interesting and complex beers within their own style guidelines.

Their story is rather simple. With a love of sour and wild ales from the lightly tart saisons to the teeth melting acidity and minerality of an aging geuze, nothing is more satisfying than finding that complexity of a mixed fermentation ale bathed in a high concentration of carbon dioxide.
So, they started making them.

Time. It’s what is needed to produce a product that is truly unique and memorable. 100% of our artisanal ales are matured and undergo a secondary fermentation in oak barrels from some of the most exclusive wineries in California.’

Our fermentations at Trial & Ale vary from months to years on oak to produce a product that tells a story of its journey to your glass.

Our blends at the brewery represent a snapshot in time preserved for your enjoyment, that will continue to evolve and are designed to be cellared and enjoyed for decades to come. Of course, only if you are able to resist and master the inevitable passage of – you guessed it – time.

Based in Edmonton, AB, we’ve set up our production brewery to be 100% exclusive to mixed fermentation sour and wild beers. Our initial barrel investment allows us to guarantee that all of our beers spend time on oak during the maturation period before they are released. Additionally, all of our beers go through a minimum four stage fermentation lifecycle: initial primary fermentation, secondary fermentation on oak, a homogenizing fermentation after blending, and finally a fourth fermentation in bottle to produce the tight, silky effervescence characteristic of these unique beer styles. Some releases will also include a fifth fermentation (fruited blends) between the other fermentation steps.’

Every creation is a product of blending barrels across a spectrum of flavours. In order to maintain a cellar balance conducive to running a blending program, Trial & Ale encourage diversity. Three guiding principals formed :

Vary processes, temperatures, and microbes as much and as often as possible, document everything and let their sensory program and taste guide every blend.

Our work will never be done. We intend to continue to create interesting and complex beers within our own style guidelines in an effort to find what we perceive to be the perfect beer.

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