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Dutch lambic made with love, care and attention.

Brewery Vandenbroek is a small family run brewery with ‘Craft and trust in nature’ acting as their driving forces. Established by Toon Vanderbroek as a self designed Lambic brewery with wood fired coppers and a traditional cooling tun, the brewery has its roots in the early 70’s in Brabant (Eindhoven, the Netherlands). 

At the age of 16, Toon was a part-time brewer’s assistant at “De Kroon” brewery in Oirschot. During this time, he gets acquainted with the complexities and nuances of the brewing process. At the same time, Toon builds his first house-brewery with a 1 hL. copper at his parental home. With the aid of the yeast strains of De Kroon Brewery, bottom-fermentation yeast beers are brewed. Over time he gets familiar with other types of beer, such as Trappist beers.

To brew these types, he required top-fermenting yeast, which was difficult to find in the Netherlands at the time. So he drove on his moped to Westmalle in Belgium, to get the fuel for his beer. Later, a Belgian friend shared a very special Geuze and Kriek beer – uniquely labeled, with only a chalk stripe. The fantastic taste of this beer made a great impression on him and was never forgotten…

However it wasn’t until 2007 that the brewery took shape, as Toon’s primary focus was farming. After a severe crisis in the agricultural sector in the Netherlands, he decided to stop farming. He moved to a nature reserve near Midwolde, further north in the Netherlands. Here, together with his wife he renovated and rebuilt an old farm with a large barn which became the brewery. Since 2007, together with his wife, he started brewing again. First slowly to “get the feeling” back and since 2014 as a registered brewery. 

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