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Vault City

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Edinburgh based Brewery doing crazy fruit driven sour beers.

Vault City are the modern sour beer people. Relentlessly creating ‘out of the ordinary’ flavour journeys for a new sense of adventure. Vault City is an independent craft brewery who make heavily fruited, modern sour beers in Portobello, Edinburgh. 

We first encountered Vault City at Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival, whilst scouting for new talent. Our first experience of their beer was not so much poured, but scooped out of a topless keg. With so much fruit addition this beer was so overladen it couldn’t be dispensed by a meagre Lindr alone. From here we knew that this brewery was willing to experiment and push the boundaries on what beer could or should be.

Since 2018, they’ve focussed on relentless exploration when it comes to brewing, using literally tonnes of real fruit in their recipes to help push the boundaries of what people would typically expect from a beer. As a beer wholesaler we are always looking for innovation, story, sense of adventure and a positive attitude to brewing. Vault City tick all of those boxes…

From humble beginnings and in the early days, possibly the smallest commercial brewery in the country run from our founder, Steve’s kitchen, they have since moved to a custom-built brewery, opened a taproom in Edinburgh and built a strong community of sour beer advocates.

 ‘With releases like ‘Cherry Cola Cubes’, ‘Raspberry Coconut Ripple’, ‘Blackberry Blueberry Blackcurrant Choc Chip Cookie Dough’ and our infamous ‘Iron Brew Sour’, it’s clear we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about beer; you can see that from our Untappd rating. We split our releases into categories; we have seasonal, sessions, mid and high vault-age sours so there’s something for everyone and every mood.’

Vault City represents all that is good about progressiveness in modern beer – they wave the flag for the playful and vibrant, and use beer as the social glue for which it was intended! To have fun! 

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