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Vondeling Wines

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A boutique winery nestled in the valley of the wild Paardeberg Mountain.

From the hidden gem that is Paardeberg in South Africa, fully organic wines from a mixture of old vines. Hand picking, and minimal intervention in the cellar leads to brilliant quality showing the true potential of the grapes. Accredited ‘Conservation Champion’ from the WWF.

Vondeling, meaning ‘foundling’, lies on the slopes of the unspoilt and undiscovered Paardeberg mountain, approximately 45 minutes’ drive from Cape Town. Where the decomposed granite soil offers the best expression of the unique Paardeberg terroir. Hence it’s widely acknowledged as one of the finest wine-growing areas of the Cape. It was granted to Swedish immigrant Oloff Bergh in 1704, and a three-centuries-old winemaking tradition began.

Today, an environmentally sensitive approach to farming and minimal intervention during the winemaking process ensure wine with a distinct fingerprint of origin.
Vondeling’s flagship wines, Vondeling Babiana and Vondeling Monsonia, are named after rare species of fynbos (a collective name for the shrubland or heathland vegetation found along the South African coast) that are endemic to the Paardeberg mountain, the home of Vondeling Wines.

Their mission is to produce wines of excellence, in harmony with nature. The established vineyards are farmed using a holistic approach, using minimal intervention in the winemaking process which maximises the unique harvest character each year. Vondeling has a high variety of soil profiles, inherited from the ancient geological history of the area and thus an unusually wide range of cultivars are able to be farmed here. Estate management supports and draws inspiration from the extraordinary floral heritage — naming our flagship white and red blends after flowers endemic to the Paardeberg Mountain (Babiana & Monsonia).

With 400 hectares of indigenous fynbos on our mountain slopes, the responsible custodian approach of wine estates has a significant combined impact on the continued flourishing of Fynbos flora. Vondeling is one of a number of farms that have moved to protect their natural assets and are proud to be 1 of 50 WWF Conservation Champion Wine Farms, reflecting their core values, which include; farming for future generations in an ethical and sustainable manner.

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